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A recipe dedicated to dogs with sensitive skin requiring a specialized diet, used to maintain their skin in a healthy condition through nutrition. Monge VetSolution dermatosis contains unique ingredients such as superoxide dismutase (SOD) - an enzyme that avoids oxidative stress, xylooligosaccharides (XOS) - natural prebiotics that support intestinal immunity and is enriched with a functional Fit-aroma coating for a tasty and healthy approach to skin disorders.

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Fit-Aroma in MONGE VETSOLUTION CANINE DERMATOSIS contains IASC-certified aloe vera, i.e. with a minimum 95% content of manno-oligosaccharides. When swallowed, Mannan is not digested and in its original form enters the bloodstream. High levels of polysaccharides  from aloe vera, reduces inflammation, strengthens immunity and reduces the accumulated fat tissue by stimulating energy expenditure. It has been scientifically proven that aloe extract regenerates collagen in the skin and optimizes skin elasticity, thanks to which the addition of aloe accelerates the healing of micro-injuries and ensures skin firmness. Aloe vera extract containing antioxidants counteracts oxidative stress in animals with atopic dermatitis.

Some of the polysaccharides derived from aloe vera are not absorbed but adhere to the cells surrounding the gut. This helps to provide a kind of barrier that strengthens the cells of the gut wall, preventing the inflammation caused by leaky gut syndrome (increased gut permeability), a mechanism linked to food allergy.

Protein : Rich in hydrolyzed salmon protein, low molecular weight, MONGE VETSOLUTION CANINE DERMATOSIS reduces the load on the intestine of allergens, guaranteeing  optimal digestibility. The salmon protein in MONGE VETSOLUTION CANINE DERMATOSIS is pre-digested by enzymes, which enhances the bioavailability of nutrients and enhances the action of bioactive substances. Hydrolysed Norwegian salmon protein is rich in anserine, which in vivo (inside the body) has antioxidant and free radical cleansing properties and acts as an important tissue stabilizer.  Hydrolysed protein and Norwegian salmon particles enhance flavor while providing  optimal feed intake

Essential fatty acids : MONGE VETSOLUTION CANINE DERMATOSIS contains purified salmon oil, a source of omega 3 fatty acids. The final ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids has been formulated to a maximum of 5, with a total concentration of EPA and DHA acids of at least 0.46%


·         Carbohydrates 38%

·         Proteins 23%

·         Lipids 39%

dry food
Vet Solution
Potrzeby żywieniowe
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