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Monge Fruit is a complementary cat food with delicious chicken and pineapple , high in nutritional value and low in fat. Completely natural, in its own sauce, without dyes, preservatives and gluten. Rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Thanks to steamed ingredients, the meal is tastier and more aromatic. The fruit is not chemically treated without preservatives and dyes. Pineapple is a source of vitamin C, it secretes bromelain, i.e. a group of proteolytic enzymes with anti-inflammatory properties.

FRUIT line - for those who look for extra news and love to pamper their pets :-)

Are you looking for a food that will strengthen your cat's immunity? - this line is perfect for this.

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Complementary food for cats with delicious chicken and pineapple , with all the features of the highest quality products: the taste comes from fresh, top-quality ingredients with high nutritional value, rich in Omega 3 and protein, and low in fat. The product is completely natural, in its own sauce, without dyes, preservatives and gluten.

They perfectly help to maintain good condition, freshness and energy every day.

Made in Thailand.

- for adult cats

- with a tasty and appetizing chicken

- low fat content. Good energy balance

- rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids, cares for the condition of the skin

- not tested on animals

Feeding instructions: 2-3 cans meet the daily requirements of an average cat's weight. Served at room temperature or heated. Store in a refrigerator after opening. Do not give the product too cold.

Always leave fresh, clean water available to your pet.

wet food
for adults
pieces of meat in sauce
Główny składnik
Potrzeby żywieniowe
american longhaired bobtail, american shorthair bobtail, american shorthair curl, american longhaired curl, american ringtail, american lynx, american wirehair, british shorthair, burmilla, Burmese, chausie, cymric (long haired manx), devon rex, kartuski (chartreaux), Abyssinian cat, the cat of the aphrodite, american shorthair cat, australian mist cat, Asian longhair cat, asian shorthair cat, Balinese cat, Bengal cat, Burmese cat, bohemian rex cat, Bombay Shorthair cat, Bombay longhair cat, British longhair cat, Ceylon cat, cornish rex cat, Aegean cat, Egyptian Mau cat, exotic cat, European cat, Havana cat, khao manee cat, Korat cat, blue cuban cat, manx cat, cat nebelung, german rex cat, Norwegian Forest Cat, long-haired oriental cat, oriental shorthair cat, Persian cat, peterbald cat (peterbald sphinx), pixie-bob cat, russian blue cat, savannah cat, Selkirk rex shorthair cat, longhaired selkirk rex cat, long-haired Seychelles cat (Seychellois), Seychelles shorthair cat (Seychellois), the Don Sphinx cat, Singapore cat, snowshoe cat, sokoke cat, Somali cat, Siberian cat, Siamese cat, thai cat, tiffany cat, Shorthair Tonkinese, Long-haired Tonkinese, toyger cat, werewolf cat (lykoi), york chocolate cat, Kuril shorthair bobtail, long-haired Kuril bobtail, Longhaired LaPerm, LaPerm shorthair, maine coon, munchkin, neva masquerade, ocicat, ojos azules, that's a Japanese bobtail, ragamuffin, ragdoll, serengeti, sphinx, sterling, Scottish Fold Shorthair, Scottish Fold longhair, Turkish angora, Turkish van, ukrainian levkoy
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