Monge Gift Fruits chips Dog Adult Potatoes with...

Monge Gift Fruits chips Dog Adult Potatoes with apple 150g


(zł18.00 szt.)

Monge Gift Fruits chips Sensitive digestion Dog Adult Potatoes with apple is a delicious snack with superfood power in the form of fruit chips.


Monge Gift Fruits chips Sensitive digestion Dog Adult Potatoes with Apple is a complementary and grain-free food for adult dogs with sensitive intestines. Specially formulated for your dog's well-being with L-carnitine to maintain lean body mass. The formula is based on a vegetable source of protein - potatoes, which are a valuable alternative source of amino acids.

Formula enriched with vitamins for daily vitality and inulin to support intestinal well-being. The inclusion of superfood fruits such as apple, a source of soluble fibers for the intestinal microbiota, is the result of research carried out in Italy to support the quality of life of our dogs.

A grain-free product, without the addition of artificial preservatives and sugars.

for adults
Monge Gift
Główny składnik
plant ingredients
Potrzeby żywieniowe
Grain-free diet
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