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Monge Natural Superpremium Adult with rabbit, rice and potatoes for all breeds of adult dogs, requiring a highly digestible diet.

The main ingredient is rabbit enriched with XOS (xylooligosaccharides), the latest generation of prebiotics that maintain gut health.


Monge Natural Superpremium Adult with rabbit, rice and potatoes is a complete feed for all breeds of adult dogs, requiring a highly digestible diet.

They guarantee the dog's well-being thanks to very high-quality nutrients, which are the result of many years of research by Italian dog nutrition specialists.

Very tasty products with a single protein guarantee: only one type of meat.

The main ingredient is rabbit enriched with XOS (xylooligosaccharides), the latest generation of prebiotics that maintain gut health.

Contains artichoke extract, echinacea, oregan and garlic to stimulate the immune system and protect the liver.

Chondroitin, glucosamine, calcium and phosphorus help to develop the right joints and muscles.

dry food
for adults
Natural Superpremium
Główny składnik
2.5 kg
All Breeds (for all breeds)
Rasa psa
Aidi, Airedale Terrier, Akita, American Akita, Alaskan malamute, Alpine short-legged hound, American staffordshire terrier, American Water Spaniel, Anatolian, Appenzeller, Ariégeois, Australian cattle dog, Australian silky terrier, Australian stumpy tail cattle dog, Barbet, Basenji, Artesian-Norman basset, Breton basset, Gascon basset, Basset hound, Beagle, Beagle-harrier, Bearded collie, Bedlington terrier, Bergamasco, Bernardine, Bernese Mountain Dog, White Swiss Shepherd Dog, Bichon frize, Billy, Black and tan coonhound, Bloodhound, Boxer, Bolognese, Border collie, Border terrier, Boston terrier, Bouvier des Ardennes, Bouvier des Flandres, Brabantian, Braque de l'ariege, Braque du bourbonnais, Braque d'auvergne, Braque saint-germain, Broholmer, English bulldog, French Bulldog, Bullmastiff, Bull terrier, Miniature bull terrier, C?o da serra da estrela, C?o de castro laboreiro, C?o fila de s?o miguel, Cairn terrier, Canaan dog, Cane corso italiano, Cavalier king charles spaniel, Italian Greyhound, Afghan Hound, African Greyhound, Arabian Greyhound - sloughi, Spanish Greyhound, Persian greyhound - saluki, Polish greyhound, Russian Borzoi Greyhound, Scottish Greyhound, Hungarian Greyhound, Chesapeake bay retriever, Chien d'artois, Chihuahua, Japanese Chin, Chinese crested dog, Chow chow, Cimarrón uruguayo, Cirneco dell'Etna, Clumber spaniel, American Cocker Spaniel, English Cocker Spaniel, Coton de tuléar, Curly coated retriever, Montenegrin mountain hound, Black terrier, Slovak chuvach, Dalmatian, Dandie dinmont terrier, Doberman, Argentine dog, Canary Dog, German dog, Dog from Majorca, Dogue de bordeaux, Drentse Patrijshond, Drever, Dunker, Danish-Swedish country dog, Large black and white Anglo-French hound, Large Anglo-French white-orange hound, A large tricolor Anglo-French hound, A large Gascon hound, A large münsterländer, Large Swiss Mountain Dog, Elkhund black, Elkhund gray, English toy terrier, Entlebucher, Epagneul bleu de picardie, Epagneul de pond-audemer, Eurasier, Field spaniel, Fila brasileiro, Flat coated retriever, Shorthaired fox terrier, Wire-haired fox terrier, American foxhound, English foxhound, Friesian Water Dog, Gascon saintongeols, Golden retriever, Austrian hound, Bernese hound, Short-legged Bernese Mountain Hound, Bosnian wirehaired hut, Croatian wanted poster, Finnish hound, French black and white hound, French white and orange hound, French tricolor wanted hound, Greek wanted poster, Hamilton's wanted poster, Spanish wanted hound, Istrian Shorthair Hound, Istrian wirehaired hound, Lucerne hound, Lucerne short-legged hound, German wanted poster, Polish wanted hound, Schiller wanted poster, Serbian hound, Serbian tricolor wanted hound, Smaland hound, Styrian hound, Slovak wanted poster, Tyrolean hound, Hungarian hound, Italian Shorthair Hound, Italian Wirehaired Hound, Wanted from the Jury, Wanted dog from the Jury, Wanted poster with Schwyz, Hunter with Schwyz short-legged, Grand basset griffon vendéen, Grand griffon vendéen, Greyhound, Griffon korthals, Belgian griffon, Brussels griffon, Haldenst?vare, Harrier, Havanese, Spanish Water Dog, Hokka?do, Hollandse smoushond, Hovawart, Hygenhund, Irish glen of imaal terrier, Irish soft coated wheaten terrier, Irish Water Spaniel, Icelandic Sheepdog, Jack russell terrier, Long haired rabbit dachshund, Long haired miniature dachshund, Standard longhair dachshund, Rabbit dachshund, Rabbit shorthair dachshund, Miniature shorthair dachshund, Standard Shorthair Dachshund, Miniature dachshund, Rabbit wirehaired dachshund, Miniature wire-haired dachshund, Standard wirehaired dachshund, Jämthund, Jinda, Kai, Karelian Bear Dog, Kerry blue terrier, King charles spaniel, Kishu, Komondor, Kooikerhondje, Roller sheepdog, Kromfohrländer, Kuvasz, Labrador retriever, Lagotto Romagnolo, Lakeland terrier, Lancashire Heeler, Landseer (continental European type), Lapinporokoira, Leonberger, Lhasa apso, lion dog, Maltese, Manchester terrier, Maremmano-abruzzese, English mastiff, Spanish Mastiff, Neapolitan Mastiff, Pyrenean mastiff, Tibetan Mastiff, Anglo-French small hound, Gascon baby hound, Little münsterländer, Pug, Mudi, Mexican Naked Dog, Peruvian naked dog, German hunting terrier, Norfolk terrier, Norrbottenspitz, Norsk buhund, Norsk lundehund, Norwich terrier, Nova scotia duck tolling retriever, Newfoundland, Polish hound, Otterhound, Australian Shepherd (American type), Australian Shepherd Kelpie, Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael, Belgian Shepherd Dog Laekenois, Belgian Shepherd Malinois, Belgian Shepherd Dog Tervueren, Croatian Shepherd Dog, French shepherd dog beauceron, French Shepherd Briard, Dutch wirehaired shepherd dog, Long Haired Dutch Shepherd Dog, Shorthair Dutch Shepherd Dog, Catalan Sheepdog, Caucasian Shepherd, Long Haired German Shepherd Dog, German Shorthair Shepherd, Picard sheepdog, Long-haired Pyrenean Sheepdog, A Pyrenean Sheepdog with a smooth muzzle, Portuguese Shepherd Dog, Yuzhak South Russian Shepherd Dog, Romanian Shepherd dog karpatin, Mioritic Romanian Shepherd Dog, Central Asian Shepherd Dog, Old English shepherd bobtail, Shetland Sheepdog, Long haired scottish shepherd dog, Scottish Shorthair Sheepdog, Majorca longhaired sheepdog, Staffordshire bull terrier, Irish Setter, Taiwan dog, Greenland dog, Puli, German flushing dog, Suomenlapinkoira, Medium Pinscher, Welsh Terrier, Slovak wirehaired pointer, Pekingese, Friesian pointer, Breton Rough Hound, Pyrenean mountain dog, Westphalian short-legged hound, West Siberian Laika, Pyrenean pointer, Czech terrier, Scottish Setter (Gordon), Siberian husky, Saarlooswolfhond, Welsh Springer Spaniel, Västgötaspets, Miniature schnauzer, Miniature Poodle, Shikoku, Canarian podenco, Wandey wirehaired hound, Tornjak, Bavarian Mountain Hound, Weimaraner shorthaired pointer, Tibetan spaniel, Scottish Terrier, Petit basset griffon vendéen, Welsh corgi cardigan, Gascon, German Spitz large, Toy poodle, Thai bangkaew, Italian wirehaired pointer, Portuguese miniature podengo, Irish Wolfhound, Majorca Shorthair Sheepdog, Austrian pinscher, Parson russell terrier, Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla, Shar pei, Continental spaniel miniature papillon variety, Czechoslovakian wolfdog, German Shorthaired Pointer, German Spitz small, Sealyham terrier, Breton Spaniel, English setter, Portuguese podengo big, Polish Tatra Sheepdog, Miniature Pinscher, Irish terrier, Portuguese pointer, Porcelaine, Mountain dog from Bukovina, East Siberian Laika, German wirehaired pointer, Italian Spitz, Australian Terrier, Picardy Spaniel, Nivernais Wirehaired Hound, Irish Red and White Setter, Thai ridgeback, Samoyed, Pumi, English Springer Spaniel, Svensk lapphund, Giant schnauzer, Big poodle, Schapendoes, Shiba, German long-haired pointer, Gascon wirehaired hound, Rafeiro do alentejo, Portuguese Water Dog, Long-haired Weimaraner, Shih tzu, Japanese terrier, Yorkshire terrier, Schipperke, Sussex spaniel, Pudelpointer, Miniature Spitz (pomeranian), Medium schnauzer, Medium poodle, Japanese Spitz, Czech wirehaired pointer - fousek, Podenco from Ibiza, Hanoverian mountain scream, Finnish Spitz, Hungarian shorthaired pointer, Tibetan terrier, West highland white terrier, Russian toy, Whippet, Welsh corgi pembroke, Spanish pointer from Burgos, German Spitz medium, Rottweiler, Pointer, Portuguese Podengo medium, Sarplaninac, Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Rhodesian ridgeback, The monkey pinscher, Brazilian terrier, Italian Shorthaired Pointer, Pharaoh's dog, These are, Continental spaniel miniature phalene variety, Poitevin, Russian-European Laika, German wire-haired pointer, Wolfspitz, Skye terrier, French spaniel
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